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In today’s fast moving CEM market, we recognise you need to work with a supplier that truly understands your business.

Working in partnership with our clients, as part of your extended team, is a key element of our business ethos. We actively encourage collaboration to develop concepts and designs that maximise the value we bring to you. We have worked with many of our clients for over twenty years which demonstrates the importance we place on honest working relationships.


We are passionate about our business and your products.G-Tec Main SMT Area Line 1 & Line 2

To create, manage and develop a business in the CEM market for over forty years shows our commitment and passion for delivering outstanding customer service and manufacturing the highest quality products.

We believe in continual improvement ensuring our colleagues have the very best technical capability in the UK. Our senior management team is committed to this along with delivering our core business values and work tirelessly to ensure these are implemented in our daily operations.



Solder jet printing, the fastest way to the perfect solder joint.

G-Tec solder jet printingAt Gemini Tec we pride ourselves on being pioneers in our field by developing new production methods and adapting quickly to changes in the market. We can manufacture the most demanding electronic PCB products in todays market.  

We were the first CEM in the UK to adopt solder jet paste printing, a process that accurately and consistently applies solder paste directly to the PCB pad, eliminating the need for stencil tooling.

Having granular level control across the solder paste process allows us to remove the typical production flaws and hidden cost of failures. Achieving the optimum reflow process first time ensures complete product reliability and joint integrity.  

We operate exclusively with Mycronic solder jet printing systems, to achieve the optimum solder joints. Solder jet printing provides a level of control and consistency that is simply not achievable when using traditional stencils. All our fully automated SMT lines use solder jet printers, including the MY600 and the very latest MY700 twin head jet printer for higher volume production.



Reflow soldering with superior results.

Our advanced reflow capability allows us to manufacture standard and complex electronics for high reliability applications. The use of Nitrogen (N2) and Vapour phase allows us to process complex PCBAs with small process windows. Using our expertise, we match the correct reflow technology with the board or product design and balance this with its use of application.

Our vapour phase reflow technique provides consistent heat distribution and removes the extremes of heat associated with other processes. This makes vapour phase reflow ideal for high thermal mass and high mix products. We operate two Asscon vapour phase reflow ovens with full automation and vacuum processing for void free solder joints.

Our ERSA Hotflow 4-14 is configured with N2 and predictive profile technology. The addition of N2 (Nitrogen) eliminates oxygen from within the oven to provide a fully inert atmosphere which is perfect for ultra-complex SMT products with small process windows.

We also operate standard convection reflow soldering using our BTU Pyramax 14 zone reflow oven. All bespoke thermal profiles are created using Solder Star and KIC processing equipment. 



Complex manufacturing capability for demanding technology, such micro BGAs, PoP, QFN, CSP, WSP etc. Complex PCBA capability with 3 AOI inspection

From PCB design, board level engineering, process control and product conformance, Gemini Tec has a long history of working with complex SMT components. Our facility is configured to build and support SMT and complex SMT assemblies so our customers can benefit from years of technical know-how and our range of technology tools.

3D AOI (automated optical inspection) has been installed to increase inspection capability over the traditional 2D process. Our latest Mirtec system uses a new software platform, allowing us to reduce both programming and de-bug times and increase production efficiency.


Additional X-Ray inspection using a Scienscope machine provides increased conformance via automatic void detection (to IPC standards) and the removal of any ambiguity during product assessment. 




PCB designers in house, who speak your language.

Complex PCBA at Gemini Tec Ltd

Whilst many of our customers complete their own PCB designs, we are familiar with the many challenges, technical issues and risks associated with PCB designs. Our long history in the design and manufacture of PCB substrates enables us to effectively communicate and engage at a technical level.

Using our expertise in PCB layout, we seamlessly transition your PCBA design from prototype to completed manufacture with thorough consideration for all technical and commercial related issues.  




For more information on any of our processes please review the various pages on our website, or download our company profile: G-Tec Company Profile

Our passionate teams deliver a world class service, are committed to providing the highest quality products and put our customers at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to discuss your project or visit our industry leading facility, please contact us on +44 (0) 1252 333 444