Artwork Scanning & Reverse Engineering
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Since 1980 Gemini have used Barco scanning hardware and software to reverse engineer 'Artworks' into electronic data that can be cleaned and optimised for re-manufacture. we have vast experience in re-engineering physical medium back further into CAD data for a wide range of customers including OEM's and PCB manufactures.

Artwork films and physical PCB's and PCBA's can be re-engineered into Gerber data, with optimum accuracy for file storage. This service proves invaluable for supporting legacy products, where a identical replacement is required. Our service includes full BOM re-engineering and the re-manufacture of prototypes for validation. 

The re-engineering of films to Gerber data is a cost effective and accurate solution for long term digital storage and product support.

  • Experienced engineers conversant with circuit board production.
  • Full Gerber/DPF re-creation suitable for any tooling system, using BARCO Graphics.
  • Scanning of bare PCB boards to Gerber data
  • Scanning of PCB's and converted to CAD data.
  • Scanning of populated PCB's to Gerber data.
  • Scanning of artworks to Gerber data.
  • Scanning of diazo films to Gerber data.
  • Perfect layer-to-layer registration, snapped to the drill centres.
  • Re-engineered data eliminates manufacturing problems.

If you need technical assistance with re-engineering data contact us for more details. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444