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PCB layout services with Altium design tools

We have over 40 years experience in schematic capture and PCB layout and offer extensive knowledge to support your custom PCB designs with Altium design tools. We complete a wide range of PCB designs including DDR3 for high-density PCB layout. Our professional PCB layout and PCB design service with Altium is available on demand and conducted by highly experienced layout engineers on-site in Aldershot. Screen capture of a complex micro via PCB layout completed by Gemini Tec

As we fully understand all the unique requirements for the blank PCB manufacture and the PCB assembly process, we can ensure your products can move into manufacture without any delays, oversights or technical constraints that will effect the the yield, performance and cost of the hardware.  

Our knowledge of the PCB production process allows us to implement the optimum layout techniques and best practices, first time, to a variety of board technologies. From RF to high-speed digital boards, our engineer's work directly with our customers through the various stages of placement and routing to ensure all the requirements of the design are fully understood and implemented.

Our Altium PCB design service includes full consideration for signal integrity (SI) and mechanical constraints with 3D models for mechanical checking. We generate a full data pack for production engineering, including Gerber data, drill drawings, assembly drawings & ODB++ for fast accurate tooling. Our clients retain all relevant IP and master design files.

Key features of our Altium PCB layout service.

  • Gemini Tec deliver over 37 years of real experience in PCB layout.
  • PCB design and PCB layout with Altium design tools.
  • Schematic capture service.
  • Manually routed PCBs/SPECCTRA auto-routing assistance.
  • PCB technology includes, rigid and flex-rigid printed circuit boards.
  • Design types include, Analogue, RF and high-speed digital circuits.altium 3d model
  • Impedance controlled & layer stack up considerations.
  • DDR 3, incorporating virtual via and net constraints.
  • Differential/balanced pairs & bus routing.
  • Signal integrity analysis (SI) & 3D models.
  • DFA - Design for assembly/manufacture, supported by on-site services.
  • Full manufacturing data-pack generation.

With full consideration of your product requirements, end application and lifecycle, our approach will ensure your product will be designed suitable for cost effective and reliable assembly, manufacture and test.

PCB layouts completed by Gemini Tec fast track through our production facility, de-risking from technical misunderstanding or communication delays.

Our PCB assembly facility in Aldershot has world-class SMT processing capability, suitable for a range of high technology surface mount products.

Our rapid delivery prototype service provides customers valuable savings in both time and cost, through early BOM integration and up-stream part procurement activity. Products that move to batch production are supported with technical changes and updates through the product lifecycle, ensuring our customers receive a full addied value service.

If you are looking for a highly experienced Altium PCB design layout bureau, please contact us Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444

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