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About Gemini Tec Ltd

Gemini Tec is also known as 'G-Tec', and has been an innovative service provider since 1978. We are a privately owned and managed family business, with strong core values and a focused approach to long-term sustainability.   40GTec

Our reputation was originally established by providing rapid PCBA prototypes, as we still do today. In more recent years the business has continued to develop and adapt into a full CEM operation. We supply a fully comprehensive range of services in sub-contract electronics manufacturing. 

Daily operations and strategic leadership is conducted through Managing Director Adam Harsant, supported by Operations Director Gavin Hughes-Keast and a team of over 55 dedicated specialist technicians and engineers.

Our facility is highly organised, highly controlled and equipped with class leading capability to support a wide range of customers and products. 


Our core values:

  • Open and transparent relationships with customers and suppliers. 
  • Consistency in product and service quality.
  • Sustainable business ethics to ensure longevity for staff and customers.

Our long-term approach to investment ensures we can full smt linesupport our customers with the very latest in manufacturing technology. We were the first UK CEM to adopt solder jet printing across its entire operation, providing unrivalled quality, speed and reliability to our manufacturing process.



Our core services: 

We provide PCBA contract manufacturing services, best suited to fast & complex surface mount products.

We help our customers design and manufacture time critical prototypes before supporting small and medium batch production. Our typical batch sizes range from 2 units to 1000 units and we support contracts with annual volumes of upto 10,000 units a year.

All of our SMT and PCBA manufacturing is conducted within our clean and secure facility, offering complete control over production quality and protection over any related IP.

Download more about our services here: pdfG-TEC_CEM_Services.pdf2.59 MB

  • Surface mount PCB assembly services 
  • Full assembly, box build, test and contract manufacturing services
  • Fast delivery PCBA prototypes
  • Small & medium volume SMT & PCB production
  • Complex & challenging surface mount production
  • Cable assemblies & backplane production
  • Altium PCB design layout services


Our customer base and market sector:

With over four decades of experience in sub-contract electronic manufacturing we provide our services to a wide range of customers, including globally recognised brands and market leaders. Our customers deploy products and solutions within the UK, EU and across the global market place.

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  • Transportation (Track, rail, ticketing systems) 
  • Automotive/Motorsport (On vehicle parts and equipment for tier 1)
  • Mobile & Wireless Communications (IOT, routers, radio systems, RFID tags)
  • Medical (Wearable devices, life sciences)
  • Aviation & Defence (Global OEM's)
  • Robotics & Automation (Advanced industry 4.0 technology)
  • Audio (Prestigious equipment for UK branded manufactures)
  • Imaging & Sensing (Global OEM's) 
  • Oil & Gas (Metering & downhole applications global OEM's)
  • Semiconductor (Complex validation system and modules)
  • Numerous leading R&D & Start-Up operations (Cutting edge applications with complex PCBA builds, including Space flight equipment)

If you are seeking a CEM partner, our experience and knowledge can be supplied on a scalable basis. Why not visit our superbly equipped UK facility to fully appreciate the environment, technology and expertise we provide.

Contact us in confidence to discuss your requirements in more detail. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444