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From red & blue taped manual artworks, to the latest Altium design tools....altium layout-gateboardFind out about our experienced PCB layout service and why we use Altium tools exclusively at Gemini Tec.


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Wave Solder at Gemini Tec

Despite the ever increasing demand for smaller surface mount board designs, there’s still a need and desire for reliable conventional PCB assemblies in the UK.

During July we upgraded our thru-hole processing capability, by installing a new Blundell CMS400LF wave soldering machine at our contract PCB assembly factory in Aldershot in Hampshire.

This newest addition to our fleet has been made to allow Gemini to process more conventional PCB assemblies and optimise the process route for any PTH components. As most PCB assemblies have some form of 'PTH' parts mounted, this process update will allow more PCB assemblies to be 'reflow wave soldered' allowing us to decrease production cycle times and provide our customers with a more enhanced PCB manufacturing and PCB assembly service.

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Further investment in optical inspection technolgy, as G-Tec introduces its third Mirtec AOI machine. Gemini Tec New Mirtec

The additional MIRTEC MV3L system provides more enhanced inspection capability at its surface mount PCB assembly facility for 2015 and beyond...

The decision to add additional capability and capacity was taken due to a significant increase in demand for its SMT manufacturing services. This news further echoes the thoughts of many who see that UK CEM’s are well positioned to support customers who trade within Europe and the wider global market. 

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The latest Mycronic technology for 2015 and beyond.

We have now fully intergrated our latest SMT production line, consisting of two MYSX14 placement machines, the UKs first MY600 jet printer,  and BTU 7-zone reflow oven, complimented with automated board loading, handling and transportation and post reflow unloading.


2014 has seen a major rise in new customer orders at Gemini Tec, leading us to expand our SMT capability and capacity. At the centre of our SMT operation we have now fully commissioned two further Mycronic SMT placement machines, along with more solder jet printing technology, providing a substantial increase in capacity.

New Synergy SMT line. Our latest Synergy line includes two SX14 large format SMT placement machines that can accept over 350 part types in one set up. Such large feeder capacity allows us to produce high mix product types. The Synergy advantage allows us to use two SMT machines simultaneously or individually depending on the mix of boards being produced. Offline planning software calculates the optimum method to build assemblies, driving the optimum efficiency at all times. A new BTU Pyramax 7 zone oven has been added to cater for reflow.

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The first UK CEM to invest in a 2nd Solder Jet Printer. Gemini Tec have ordered the latest edition MY600 solder jet printer from MYCRONIC AB (Formerly MYDATA).MY600 Printer at G-Tec

A second solder jet printer has now been ordered for our surface mount facility in Hampshire UK. Back in 2008 Gemini Tec installed the UK's first solder jet paste printer and now in 2014 we are the first UK CEM to introduce the latest MY600 printer.  

MYCRONIC'S next generation of solder jet printers, known as the MY600, has been designed to suit higher speed & volume surface mount assembly applications.

This next-generation Jet Printer now enables Gemini to achieve optimal solder joints with up to a 50% increase in speed, against our current jet printer.  The introduction of this high-performance platform will allow new production capacity for customers who are struggling to mount difficult components using classic screen printers. Solder jet paste printing technology removes the limitations posed by screen printing with traditional solder paste dispensers, and can achieve new levels of reliability for flexible substrates, board cavities, package-on-package, QFNs and new components with small process windows.

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