CEM Services - UK Made - Complex Capability 

Procurement & kitting of electronic components

Outsourcing the procurement and kitting process allows customers to benefit from our experience and commercial leverage. We are able to procure the complete inventory ensuring the conformance of components and products and removing the risk of counterfeit or sub-standard parts. Waffle trays loaded with electronic components ready to be placed onto PCBS

We have access to a network of global suppliers and manufactures, from PCBs, board level components to metal enclosures. We manage the supplier performance and quality of the products on your behalf. Our system is compliant for traceability, detailing batch movements and locations back to the finished serial number. 

We have extensive experience in bare printed circuit board engineering and manufacture, follow the link to find out more.

Free issue materials can be accepted and we stock a wide variety of common devices to reduce time and cost.

  • MRP BOM Import process with BOM matching.
  • Common R & C's in stock.
  • Hard to find and obsolete component sourcing.
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing.
  • RoHS and Non-RoHS device procurement.
  • Scheduling, expediting and fully traceable products.
  • Quality & conformance checking.
  • MSD handling, baking & shrink-wrapping. (IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033B)
  • Tape & reeling systems in house. 

Gemini Tec use powerful MRP/ERP systems to manage its materials and inventory. Our system can produce trial kits to check all the available parts prior to starting any orders. Our MRP system passes all the relevant technical data seamlessly into our SMT lines, to ensure the PCBA is built to the items on the BOM.  

All the materials we use are controlled by Mycronic's material handling process, this provides clear and concise locations and quantities for all parts. The system controls all essential MSD material handling and baking requirements during and after the build process. Baking ovens and sealing machines are widely available to all departments handling MSD components. 

MYDATA intelligent feeders, for quick loading of parts and low material wastage


To ensure we can import your BOM and optimise the process, please feel free to download our recommend BOM format. pdfG-TEC_BoM_Format.pdf

We are happy to accept free issue components. We kindly request that materials are supplied in a suitable format in accordance with our guidelines, (available upon request) Our advanced MYcronic placement lines operate with intelligent AGILIS feeders which offers distinct advantages. Each part is coded to a 'feeder' allowing the SMT lines to understand the exact material being use, and we do not require the use of full reels allowing us to limit material usage.

We strongly recommend a visit to our operation to see the advanced systems in operation and how this provides added value to our customers. 


Contact us for more details or to discuss the appropriate method to meet your needs. Tel +44 (0) 1252 333 444